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.An article is sold for Rs 6500 so as to earn a profit of 4%. A second article whose cost price is Rs 3750, is sold at a loss of 4%. What is the overall gain or loss percent in the whole transaction?

एक वस्तु 6500 रुपये में बेची गयी ताकि 4% का लाभ हो । एक अन्य वस्तु जिसका क्रय मूल्य 3750 रुपये है, उसे 4% की हानि पर बेचा गया | पूरे लेन-देन में कुल लाभ या हानि का प्रतिशत ज्ञात करें ।

SSC MTS 5 August 2019 (Morning)

(a) Gain 45%

(b)Loss 1%

(c) Loss 4%

(d) Gain 1%
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