Which among the following is the correct increasing order of the acidic strength?

  1. HF < HBr < HCl < HI
  2. HF < HCl < HBr < H
  3. HI < HCl < HBr < HF
  4. HI < HBr < HCl < HF


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    • HF < HCl < HBr < HI is the correct increasing order of the acidic strength.
    • The acidic strength is the tendency of acid to be able to dissociate into a proton, H+, and an anion.
    • A strong acid completely ionizes in a solution and a weak acid only partially ionizes.
    • The polarity of the Hydrogen-Atom bond determines the acid strength.
    • The stronger an acid is, the lower the pH it would produce in solution.
    • The bond strength of acid usually depends on the size of the atom. If the atom is smaller, the Hydrogen-Atom bond would be stronger.
    • The atoms tend to get larger going down a row in the periodic table, the strength of the bonds get weaker. It means the acidic strength gets stronger.
    • Hence, HF has the strongest bond and is the weakest acid.
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