The carpel contains,

  1. Pollen grains
  2. Sepals
  3. Petals
  4. Ovules


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    • The carpels(female) and stamens(male) are surrounded by petals.
    • Carpel- One of the leaflike, seed-bearing structures that constitute the innermost whorl of a flower.
      One or more carpels make up the pistil.
      Fertilization of an egg within a carpel by a pollen grain from another flower results in seed development within the carpel.
      Carpels, present in the centre of a flower, form the female reproductive part. It is surrounded by male reproductive structures called stamens.
    • The petals are protected by sepals, which are green.
    • The carpels are the female reproductive part of the flower. It is divided into three parts namely- ovary, style and stigma.
    • The ovary contains ovules and the style acts as a passage for the pollen tubes carrying the male gametes.
    • The stigma is the terminal part of the carpel which is receptive and it receives the pollen grains and provides nutrition for the growth and development of pollen tube which carries male gametes through style and reaches the ovules to fertilise an egg.
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