Rainfall occurs in which layer of the earth’s atmosphere?


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  1. The correct answer is Troposphere.

    Key Points 

    • The troposphere is the Earth’s initial and lowest layer of the atmosphere, containing 75 per cent of the planetary atmosphere’s total mass, 99 per cent of the overall mass of water vapour and aerosols, and is where most meteorological occurrences occur.
    • The troposphere’s temperature drops at high altitudes due to inversion layers that form at the tropopause, the atmospheric boundary that separates the troposphere from the stratosphere.
    • Low air temperatures lower the saturation vapour pressure, or the quantity of atmospheric water vapour in the upper troposphere, at higher altitudes.
    • The troposphere’s average height is 13 km.​
    • The atmosphere is a gaseous blanket that covers the Earth. Earth’s gravitational attraction keeps it close to the planet’s surface.

    Additional Information

    • The thermosphere is the part of the atmosphere above the mesosphere and below the height at which the atmosphere loses its continuous medium features. The thermosphere is characterised by a gradual increase in temperature as it rises in altitude.
    • The stratosphere is a layer of the atmosphere that extends from the tip of the troposphere to roughly 50 kilometres and contains the ozone layer. It is located between the troposphere and the mesosphere.
    • Between the thermosphere and the stratosphere is the mesosphere. The term “meso” refers to the topmost layer of the atmosphere when all of the gases are mingled together.

    Hence, the troposphere is the layer where rain occurs in the Earth’s atmosphere.

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