Burning of natural gas is an example for ________ reaction.

  1. Exothermic
  2. Endothermic
  3. Evaporation
  4. Reduction


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  1. The correct answer is Exothermic.


    • The burning of natural gas produces heat, which is an example of an exothermic reaction.
    • Exothermic reactions are also referred to as combustion reactions.
    • Methane (CH4makes up the majority of natural gas.
    • When methane, CH4 (natural gas), reacts with oxygen, it produces carbon dioxide, water, and heat, resulting in an exothermic reaction.

    CH4 + 2O2 → CO2 + 2H2O + Heat (energy)

    • Thus, in an exothermic reaction, energy is transferred into the surroundings rather than taken from them, as in an endothermic reaction.

    Thus, burning of natural gas is an example of an exothermic reaction.

    Additional Information

    • Endothermic:
      • Endothermic reactions are those reactions in which energy is absorbed from the surroundings.
    • Evaporation:
      • Evaporation is a type of vaporisation that takes place on the surface of a liquid as it transitions into the gas phase.
    • Reduction:
      • A reduction reaction is a half-reaction in which a chemical species reduces its oxidation number, which is usually done by gaining electrons.
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