_____ has the greatest electron affinity.

  1. Br
  2. Cl
  3. I
  4. F


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    • Chlorine has the highest electron affinity from the elements listed above and also from all the elements in the periodic table
    • The electron affinity of an element is defined as the ease with which it can accept an electron
    • The correct order is Chlorine > Fluorine > Sodium > Helium
    • Electron affinity is defined as the change in energy (in kJ/mole) :
      • Fluorine (F) -328 kJ mol-1
      • Chlorine (Cl) -349 kJ mol-1
      • Bromine (Br) -324 kJ mol-1
      • Iodine (I) -295 kJ mol-1

    Additional Information

    Name Symbol Atomic Number
    Sodium Na 11
    Helium He 2
    Chlorine Cl 17
    Fluorine F 9
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